Mr Liang Shuming says; “ China culture is a kind of early culture. ” is pretty good, “ is poor a pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, amount to a the world holding aid concurrently. ” , this is China act style almost is overall and wraparound. Ease of former and romantic concealed, be Taoist school inside change, latter and firm and persistent Ren De, be the Confucianist outside now. Confucianism in have, outside Confucianism inside path, the thought experience of traceable year period is long cover is new, resound is in the pulse with China strong culture.


Confucianism the path is complementary, poet of how many bookman was achieved great. In July Chibi, cool breeze Xu comes, cherish grand targets swan the talent Su Shi of annals is demoted again. He reviews every phenomenon, realize “ scope of operation greatly ever cannot with an instant ” , chant song drifts, ability is born not to meet in this the generation when is unruffled finally plaint: I gives birth to “ without evil, do not drop surely to death. ”’ is cold autumn Changsha, hunan river north goes, yao thinks in those days one defeat again the revolutionary course of defeat, face layer forest to all catch respectful to kill the old haunt of chilly beauty, mao Zedong feels “ ” of freedom of contest of day of 10 thousand kinds of frost, my syncretic, bosom has thing high aim, just make in the cross later the fire of star, burn alls over China. Gengzi natural disaster, popular feeling in a state of anxiety, countrywide people is in spellbound when, liang Xingyang of completely true believer does not learn another person blindly pray blessing exclaims, be in for a short while eventually south prepare below hill, allocate goods and materials, do not divide him dedication of day and night ’ , the video income that in order to teachs culture toward propagandist line and individual saving contribution fifty thousand and ten. Lin Yutang of Chinese latter-day writer says: “ Taoist school and Confucianist are the two sides of Chinese soul. ” is star-crossed, taoist school is adj a home to return to that the thought is the soul; If have need, the Confucianist takes on the guideline that wind model is behavior.


Confucianism the path is complementary, lost any one side, other one party did not have greenery to set off one another like lotus. Wei Jinxuan learns, ji Kang has only however chastely blindly " An Ling comes loose " for his see sb off; Chu Hanzhi is contended for, xiang Yu indignation chose neck of cut one's throat to commit suicide only extremely. The Confucianist is the knowledge of times of peace and prosperity, but imperfectly oneself Jiaohua other is met only things go contrary to one's wishes, lead to catastrophe even; Taoist school is to avoid the state of mind of the world, but the mankind is a social animal after all, the action that considers individual benefit only is selfish not actual. Confucianism positive line private parts, outside inside the circle square, the answer appears already after a lot of harships in more than 2000 years, precipitation is in the memory with ancient extend of an ancient name for China.


“ is poor a pay attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others, amount to a the world holding aid concurrently. ” serves as Chinese people, should understand among them Confucianism the delicate imply of road band: Preserve one's moral integrity, be apt to is like water on, with Guang Tongchen, hide one's capacities and bide one's time, if have an opportunity, it is for the country civilian, hold benefit common people concurrently, annals puts Gao Yuan, thick heart holds thing. Aspire at learning, not disappoint the culture of this chiliad precipitates; Cultivate one's morality raises a gender, to study, life medium difficult accommodate something to circumstances thinks; Syncretic of knowing and doing, pursuit the true, this is probably be opposite in 20 centuries Confucianism of road band the freshest explanation and practice.


Static, if be in child, the heart is halcyon not allow outside dispute is profaned; Move, if take off hare, the volition is sturdy not by flinch of difficult block up. It is agile and composed, volt rises and fall since the breath that lets a Chinese, it is placatory when sadness you, in the caution when achieve one's ambition you, in lofty ideal you were not brought when fulfil, confused Sigu forward.


Beautiful! Confucianism the path is complementary, china civilization!