Great country, stand erect east: Mysterious country, of long standing and well established. The China nowadays, old and young. Of history of a few chiliad accumulate, make it resembles a classic famous work, content is rich and generous, need to be tasted carefully read; She seem a young girl of charming be ashamed, be full of glamour, if do not lift her lid head, won't discover she has much more beautiful face.


Current China with active state of mind, depict oneself grandiose blue print with baronial boldness.


Current China is the country of science and technology. Circuit spreads all over a Gao Tie the whole nation, tall Tie Zhengfei of China leaves for world each district quickly, showing the elegant demeanour of our China. It is the delegate that traffic develops not just, the science and technology that is China more moves toward the expression of the world. Harbor bead bay the overall be open to traffic of big bridge, pull close inland and harbor bead bay distance, but what how many person understands successful backside again is miserable? From plan, composition of a picture, build, check final have transport service, all previous classics is old, encounter a lot of difficulty. Had tried a lot of methods, job of ground of day after day is everybody only the smile on the face. North fights a satellite blast off make China owned idealer location system; Share bicycle blossom everywhere; Shift pays civilian efficient …… science and technology is playing the most intense tune.


Current China is the country of culture. Go in the ave off-street, we can hear Beijing opera of the quintessence of a country that word the melody of antrum circle, those who experience China culture is broad and profound. When taking a walk after the meal, we can see the figure that waves on square, they are explaining Chinese orchestic special charm. " congress of Chinese poem word " section purpose broadcasts, those who make we experienced poetic word culture is beautiful, also made article of more person re-act new understand poetic word. When ascending Great Wall, we can see the artificial building on backbone of winding Yu Shan, can't help plainting the wisdom of archaic working people, every have the sweat of common people below the brick at the same place, also bury is worn in those days the history. Culture is writing moving movement.


Current China is legal country. The seedings of cereal crops that healthy and strong of no less than grows falls to always have a few rank grass, there also are a few abominable phenomena in the society nowadays, be like food safety problem, traffic issue is waited a moment. Face this kind of action that destroys social harmony, our country also has a lot of answered plan, also be promulgated and perfected relevant byelaw. Had legal tie, people works to be able to consider consequence naturally first, law is building compose to wear close staff.


Current China is the country of development. China makes one tape in effort all the way, use the historical symbol of archaic the Silk Road namely, belt of economy of open up the Silk Road and maritime the Silk Road, the economic collaboration platform with effective have the aid of, the economic collaboration of development and country of along the line concerns, mutual benefit win-win, develop jointly. If Chinese aid builds the nation such as Africa, Pakistan, helped them change backward current situation not only, more oneself won public praise.


Chinese science and technology is developing, chinese culture is developing, chinese law is developing, we should build the motherland hard with positive attitude, make it becomes real power!


Indeed, present Chinese change quickly, if only the introduction with ” of calling card of a few pieces of “ is far insufficient. This is old China, this is green China, she brandish is worn double arm, those who direct her child civilian people play symphony of a century together.