Expect long already birthday comes eventually, mom busy move inserts the candle on cake, laughing suddenly to ask me: Do you say “ a few candles should insert? ”“ Mom, you very do laugh at Ye! Be 16 ……” of course me 16 years old? Probably I am grown really.


Imperceptible in.


Do not know a person when to rise, the dress of the brightly colored in chest became black and white and dichromatic, now and then the dress of 9 other facial expression can allow my consider a long time, “ is this me? ”


Do not know from when to rise, begin to love on acerbity acerbity tea and hard coffee, readily, aroma 4 excessive, the aftertaste is boundless, it is one kind is enjoyed really.


Do not know from when to rise, begin to envy those to carrying small satchel on the back, wearing the pupil of red scarf, look at their scamper about to catch butterfly carefreely, it is be envious really.




But, abrupt him discovery was brought up!


The dress that does not know those brightly colored went where; Do not know why the drink that loves most disappeared; Do not know when fancy-free was desertioned not carefully by me ……


Because was brought up,be!


Because was brought up, so no longer babyish, also do not consider go up mature however. Love complications simple thing; Loving airy future is how good, know the world is not clearly however so simple; Conversation begins cautious, those once pure pure friendship more and more Yao cannot reach …… is not mature obviously, cannot show however babyish, knowing is glad helpless still.


Was brought up is mature it seems that, sensible. Without reappoint sex, did not keep asking why to must go to the school again, must keep bored operation; Seem to become quiet, do not write a composition to loaf about everywhere again, like to be waited for quietly in the home, read a book, hear a song; Begin to like Mozart to like his elegant piano music; The bowstring after liking, like him only the light distressed …… in beautiful air but when favorite children's song disappeared however, admire children's song can lightly actually, it is a kind of what kind of happiness, tong Qu of what kind of Tong Zhen? Regrettablly, time did not go!


Can be fed up with sometimes present oneself, chill and lay and sensitivity. Encounter dressed in rage beggar to resemble no longer that kind searched all bags once upon a time, smiling watch sb go away he is far go, go chilly gradually in the look of his beg however gradually far, thinking, this deceives people certainly, I just am not duped. Next high and mighty, be like unlock the excitement like group of a mystery. I do not know a kind to that pair of eyes of backside are after all what kind of miserable and but, good rejoice to never turn round at that time. Duration autumn, see forest the fallen leaves that waves, can think of one day I am meeting resembling like this fallen leaves from the world a completely new place falls on this large tree, in that way word, should the meeting is very alone! But if be before, these beautiful fallen leaves made the chic a title label pasted on the cover of a Chinese-style thread-bound book in book already! Resemble looking at the fallen leaves that follows wind random dance now, unexpected meeting yearns for the summer that just goes. Always such, everything what yearning for the past.


Was brought up, the world has become great, however as much complex, everything as before such, familiar unfamiliar also however; Just leave a dream closer, we are in such is brought up, how the cost that does not know such paying should be described. But after all, present day is bluer, more beautiful! Dreamy years, be in such is brought up in, closer and closer, I smelled it seems that the flavour of rainbow.